How We Help

The Sudbury Action Centre for Youth is a community-minded resource that offers services and programs to help vulnerable populations in our city flourish. We are proud to offer our resources to the community at no cost.

Youth Programs

Drop-In Centre


The youth drop-in centre provides a safe, non-judgemental environment where youth are able to gather for the purpose of socialization, recreation and access to social services. It is an alternative to roaming the streets and is equipped with a billiards table, kitchen and computer area with free internet access. The no-pressure environment allows youth to feel comfortable and, when they are ready, access the services they need.

Drop in between 9 am and 8 pm Monday to Friday.


Julie Gorman
Youth Program Coordinator

E  P 705-673-4396 x.210

Housing Support


The Sudbury Action Centre for Youth has been actively involved in the planning, coordinating, and implementing of services for individuals who are homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless for
the past ten years. We are an active member of the Homelessness Network and receive funding from the City of Greater Sudbury in order to provide housing support services to youth.

SACY’s Housing Support Program assists individuals and their families to find emergency shelter and affordable housing. Assistance with obtaining identification, accessing social services such as Ontario Works, Ontario Disability, and referrals to food and clothing banks are also provided. The Housing Support Worker also works with youth to address underlying causes of homelessness such as lack of income, poor budgeting, addictions, mental illness, unemployment, low self-esteem and to name a few.


Theresa Burden
Housing Support Case Manager

E  P 705-673-4396 x.201


LGBTQ2 Program

We offer a support group for youth that identify with the Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Gay, Transgender, Queer and Two-Spirited community. This group is dedicated to providing a safe environment for youth who identify as being a part of the LGBTQ2 community. We provide support, educational workshops and tools for building self-confidence, and awareness of the history of LGBTQ2 culture.


Scarlett Ward
Youth Program Worker

E  P 705-673-4396 x.212


CARE Program

CARE’s (Caring And Respect Everywhere) goal is to connect homeless or at risk youth with new learning opportunities (NOSM), community partners, (Art Gallery of Sudbury) and creative and education experiences (School of Education) in order to discover, strengthen and celebrate the transition into adulthood. Each Friday, CARE youth gather with professionals from the community to explore creative means of expression for young people. These include provocative learning opportunities with art, drumming, conversation and monologue creations.

Many aspects of the CARE programming are
grounded in the Seven Grandfather Teachings from the local First Nations Communities, of which several of the CARE members belong. The youth attending the CARE program have openly showed their sense of inclusion, empowerment and how these feelings have impacted their future involvement with the system.


Hez Bird
Youth Program Worker

E  P 705-673-4396 x.211

TG Innerselves

TG Innerselves

TG Innerselves is an organization that strives to create more inclusive and safer communities for transgender people across Northeastern Ontario. Our goal is to not only increase the visibility of transgender people in our region, but to create a better understanding of the challenges that exist when coming out, and transitioning in Northern Ontario.

TG Innerselves is comprised of two programs. The first program is Education. We educate service providers, agencies, and professional schools on supporting transgender people in their communities. We also give presentations at elementary and high schools to inspire hope and positive changes in the student population. Our second program is direct client service. TG Innerselves offer one on one support for transgender people and their families. We provide support groups including the Social Support Group, Youth Group, Gender Journeys, and the Parent and Family Support Group.


Vincent Bolt
Education Manager

E  P 705-673-4396 x.201

Natasha Conde Jahnel
Direct Client Services Worker

E  P 705-673-4396 x.201

Harm Reduction

IDU Outreach

IDU Outreach Program

The IDU Outreach Program is a personal support service which offers referrals to health agencies, home visits, outreach including harm reduction equipment, and family liaison. Support workers also often accompany users to appointments and bridge the gap between users and their families. The program also offer education and presentation on addiction lifestyle, harm reduction, safer sex practices and safe disposal.


Cassie Pearson
Harm Reduction Coordinator

E  P 705-673-4396 x.204

The Point

The Point

The main goal of the POINT program is to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C through the distribution of free clean needles and condoms and general education. through the POINT program we offer health information, referrals to treatment and social services, sexual health testing, counselling and immunizations along with moral support. The program offers a no-pressure atmosphere and clients are free to choose the services they want to access.

For more information, click here.


Cassie Pearson
Harm Reduction Coordinator

E  P 705-673-4396 x.204

Employment Program

Casual Employment

Casual Employment Program

For almost 30 years, the Sudbury Action Centre for Youth has been providing casual labour jobs to the vulnerable youth and adult population in our community struggling to find and keep full-time employment. We believe that by facilitating the process of exploring one’s ideas and dreams, people can make informed decisions about jobs, work and their career direction.


Gerry Pauze
Employment Worker

E  P 705-673-4396 x.202